Airtel Diwali Mahotsava Quiz Answers Today

Airtel Diwali Mahotsava Quiz Answers, Airtel Diwali Mahotsava Quiz, Airtel Diwali Mahotsav – Here are correct answers of Airtel Diwali Mahotsava Quiz contest. Play now on my Airtel App and win prizes worth of Rs 60 lakhs daily. This quiz starts daily at 12 AM midnight from 20th Oct to 3rd November 2019. You shall make maximum points in a single day to be eligible to win the contest. Valid only for the Airtel prepaid users.

Airtel Diwali Mahotsava Quiz Answers Today

Set 1:-

Q1 – World Economic Forum was founded by

Answer – Klaus Schwab

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Q2 – Which Indian city is known as ‘city of nawabs’?

Answer – Lucknow

Q3 – Taking two steps at a time, about how many steps will it take to climb a 42 step staircase?

Answer – 21

Q4 – Who determines the salary and allowances of the Chief Minister?

Answer – State legislature

Q5 – The national open university is run by

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Answer – IGNOU

Airtel Diwali Mahotsava Answers Set 2

Q1- Which river makes a boundary between India and Nepal?

Ans – Sharda

Q2 – Into what position was Dr. Kalam was sworn in on 25 July 2002?

Ans – President of India

Q3 – The unit of current is?

Ans – Ampere

Q4 – Headquarter of International Olympic Committee is situated at?

Ans – Lausanne

Q5 – The brightest planet is

Ans – Venus

Note – You will get only 10 seconds to answer each question. So be fast and answer all the questions correctly to win. Also, make sure you visit this post every day before participating in the Airtel Diwali Mahotsava quiz to get the correct answers.

Airtel Diwali Mahotsava Quiz – Terms & Conditions

  • This Airtel Diwali Mahotsava Contest is for all subscribers of Airtel residing in India.
  • The Contest starts on 20th October 2019 at 00:00 hours.
  • This contest will end on 3rd Nov 2019 at 23:59 hours.
  • You shall download, install, open and navigate to the contest where 5 questions will be displayed.
  • For each question, you shall get 10 seconds to answer.
  • For each correct answer, a participant shall get 10 points.
  • The Airtel quiz can be played once in a day.
  • Each day a set of 5 unique questions will be updated on the contest page at shar 12 AM.
  • Winners will get free prizes worth of upto rs 60 lakh as prize.
  • Airtel Diwali Mahotsava Quiz is valid only for the Airtel Prepaid users.
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