Amazon LG Ultragear Monitor Quiz Answers Today

Amazon LG Ultragear Monitor Quiz Answers Today– Amazon has announced a new exciting contest called Amazon LG Ultragear Monitor Quiz. A total of 4 lucky participants can win a LG Ultragear Gaming Monitor by answering 5 simple questions. This quiz is available only on the Amazon app and This Contest will commence from 25th February 2020 to 10th March 2020.

Here in this article, we are providing all the LG Ultragear Monitor Amazon Quiz Answers. So scroll down, check the correct answers of Amazon Ultragear Monitor Quiz and stand a chance to win LG Ultragear Monitor.

Amazon LG Ultragear Monitor Quiz Answers: Win a Ultragear Monitor

Q1 – UltraGear Gaming Monitor is Gaming Brand of Which Company?

Ans – LG

Q2 – UltraGear Gaming monitor has Refresh Rate (Refresh rate is the number of times your monitor updates with new images each second.) up to 240Hz. The main advantage of high refresh rate in a monitor is that it results in a smoother picture.

Ans – TRUE

Q3 – Which of these is NOT true for UltraGear Gaming Monitor.

Ans – Can Fly

Q4 – The LG UltraGear monitor come with a ______ year warranty. (Fill in the blank)

Ans – 3

Q5 – LG UltraGear gaming monitor starts from ₹13,500. You can avail ‘No cost EMI up to 9 months’ to purchase this from

Ans – TRUE

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