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Amazon Mi Quiz Week, Mi Quiz Week Answers, mi anniversary quiz, Amazon Entertainment edition quiz, mi quiz Entertainment edition, tech edition quiz, Mi Soundbar Amazon quiz, Amazon Entertainment Quiz Answers, Amazon Xiaomi Edition Quiz Answers, Amazon Mi Soundbar Quiz Answers,  – It Mi Anniversary, and Amazon is celebrating it by Mi Quiz Week. This week from 21st to 25th July 2019, you can play the Mi Quiz, and win free prizes like Mi Backpack, Mi Band 3, Redmi Y3, Mi Basic 2 Bluetooth Speaker and Mi LED TV 4C Pro.

Today on 23rd July 2019, in the Mi Quiz Week its time to play the Photography Edition Quiz and win Redmi Y3 for free. Here in this article we are going to update the Amazon Mi Quiz Week Answers daily.

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Amazon Mi Quiz Week Details – Win Mi Backpack, Mi Band 3, Redmi Y3, Mi Soundbar and Mi LED TV 4C Pro

  1. The Amazon Mi Quiz Week contest starts from 21st to 25th July 2019.
  2. Every day a new quiz will be announced at sharp 8 AM.
  3. This contest is valid for the participants of 18 years or above.
  4. You should be a resident of India in order to participate in the Amazon Mi Quiz Week.
  5. The participants shall answer all questions correctly in order to enter into the lucky draw.
  6. The winners will be announced on or before 30th September 2019.
  7. A total of 1 to 100 winners selected through a lucky draw.
  8. Exciting Prize like Mi Backpack, Mi Band 3, Redmi Y3, Mi Basic 2 Bluetooth Speaker and Mi LED TV 4C Pro will be given to the contest winners.
  9. Chance of winning depends on the draw of lots and the total number of correct entries.

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Amazon Mi Quiz Week Xiaomi Edition Answers – Win Mi LED TV 4C Pro 

Q1 – In which year did Xiaomi first launch it’s smartphones? 

Ans – 2011

Q2 – Who is the Managing Director of Xiaomi in India? 

Ans – Manu Kumar Jain

Q3 – Which of the following celebrities has been the latest to be associated with Xiaomi? 

Ans – Ranvir Singh

Q4 – What is the name of the Operating System that Xiaomi has developed for it’s smartphones? 

Ans – MIUI

Q5 – What is the biggest size that the Mi TV 4 Series comes in?

Ans – 55 in

Amazon Mi Quiz Week Entertainment Edition Answers – Win Mi Soundbar

Q1 – Which of the following actors plays the role of Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? 

Ans – Robert Downey Jr

Q2 – Which of the following is the highest grossing movie worldwide? 

Ans – Avengers: Endgame

Q3 – What is NOT a feature of the Mi Soundbar? 

Ans – Juice Mixing

Q4 – Which of the following people have been awarded an Oscar? 

Ans – All of the above

Q5 – Who is the singer and composer of the song ‘Shape of you’?

Ans – Ed Sheeran

Amazon Mi Quiz Week Photography Edition Answers Today – Win Redmi Y3 Mobile

1) What is a selfie with a group of people popularly called?

Ans – Groupfie

2) What is the resolution of the selfie camera on the Redmi Y3 smartphone?

Ans – 32 MP

3) ____ is the opening of a camera lens’ diaphragm through which light passes

Ans – Aperture

4) Which of the following is a camera manufacturing brand?

Ans – All of the above

5) ISO in camera settings stands for International Organization of Standardizations

Ans – TRUE

Amazon Mi Quiz Week Travel Edition Answers – Win Mi Backpack

Q1: Which country would you find the following: Machu Pichu, Sacred Valley and Colca Canyon?

Ans: Peru

Q2: What is the capital of Austria?

Ans: Vienna

Q3: Which of the following is a feature of the Mi Travel Backpack?

Ans: All of the above

Q4: Who is the author of ‘Around the world in 80 days?’

Ans: Jules Verne

Q5: If you were taking a trip down the Amazon river, which of these countries will you NOT pass through?

Ans: Mexico

Amazon Mi Quiz Week Tech Edition Answers – Win Mi Band 3

Q1: The current version of Android is Android 9 _____. Fill in the blanks.

Ans: Pie

Q2 – Who Of The Following Is NOT A Founder Of Facebook?

Ans – Steve Jobs

Q3 – Which Of These Celebrities Tied Up With Xiaomi To Launch A Special Edition Of The Mi Band?

Ans – Hrithik Roshan

Q4 – What Is The Base Material From Which A Microprocessor Chip Is Made?

Ans – Silicon

Q5 – Which Of These Companies Specializes In Developing Self-Driving Cars?

Ans – Tesla

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