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Clash Royale Quiz Answers, Clash Royale Knowledge Quiz, Answers Of Clash Royale Quiz – Here are the answers for all the 20 questions of the Clash Royale Quiz Contest. Participate and win rewards. So let us get started:-

Clash Royale Quiz Answers – Win Free Rewards

What’s the name of the company behind Clash Royale?

Ans – Supercell

How many emotes does The King have?

Ans – 3

What score does the scoreboard on the loading screen have?

Ans – 2-0

How many legendaries do you start your Clash Royale account with?

Ans – 0

With what frequency do balance changes happen in the game?

Ans – Every Mounth

When was Clash Royale originally released?

Ans – January 2016

How much time does a Gold Chest take to open?

Ans – 3 hours

What important feature was introduced alongside The Fisherman?

Ans – Pass Royale

How many towers do you have to take down in co-op mode?

Ans – 4 Towers

How many barbarians spawn when you use the Barbarian card?

Ans – 5

What was the name of the first season of Clash Royale?

Ans – The Flood

The Princess was the first card that…

Ans – Had a range longer than the bridge

How many dragons are currently in the game?

Ans –  3

What characters from Brawl Stars were briefly introduced to Clash Royale?

Ans – Shelly & Clot

Clash Royale was originally a spinoff of what other game

Ans – Clash Of Clans

Q16 – How many goblin cards are in the game?

Ans – 6

Pekka is a..

Ans – A women

How much gold can you get during Gold Rush?

Ans – 10,000

Which of these cards can wake up the opposite king if positioned properly?

Ans – Fisherman

Like the Princess, the King recently obtained his own…

Ans – Skin Tower

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