Flipkart Trivia Answers Today [5 July 2020]

Flipkart Trivia Answers, Flipkart Daily Trivia Answers, Flipkart Trivia Quiz Answers Today – 5th July 2020

Question 1 – What was started at Calcutta in 1828 by Raja Ram Mohan Roy & DebendranathTagore?

Answer – Brahmo Samaj

Question 2 – Tea is made by soaking the ___ of tea plant in hot water?

Answer – Leaves

Question 3 – Build By the Dutch, where in India would you find the famous Bolgatty Palace? 

Answer – Kerala

Question 4 – In a class if attendance is taken alphabetically then among these who will be named first?

Answer – Aditya

Question 5 – Who was the subject of Amar Chitra Katha’s first title on a sportsperson?

Answer – Dhyan Chand

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