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Fortnite Trivia Answers, Fortnite Secret Trivia Quest: Once again, the world’s most loved battle royale multiplayer online game, Fortnite is back with an exciting Trivia Quiz Competition called Secret Trivia Quest. This Trivia is now live and Fortnite players from across the globe are participating and trying to solve all the questions. The trivia has a total of 5 questions with four options each. The players have to choose the correct answer to each question correctly in order to win the game.

Here in this post, today we are going to provide all the correct answers to Secret Trivia Quest. So now let us get started.

Fortnite Trivia Answers | Secret Trivia Quest Answers

Q1: Which Spy Within map is the largest?

Answer is: Midas Museum

Q2: What Fortnite item is used as a body in Spy Within?

Answer is: Snowman

Q3: What equipable item can be used as a Spy in Shopper’s Delight?

Answer is: Smoke Granade

Q4: Which spy within map has an underwater death room?

Answer is: Steamboat

Q5: How many reindeer can be found in Holiday Workshop?

Answer is: 4

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