Kassadin Trivia Answers [ALL ANSWERED]

Kassadin Trivia Answers, Kassadin’s Trivia Answers, Kassadin Event Trivia: Looking for the answers for Kassadin Event Trivia, if yes then you are at the right place. Here in this post today I am going to provide all the 6 Kassadin Trivia questions and answers.

Kassadin Trivia Answers

Question 1. What is another name Kassadin goes by?

Answer – The Void Walker

Question 2. What does Kassadin use to protect himself from magic?

Answer – Void Stone

Question 3. Who has Kassadin swom vengeance against?

Answer – The Prophet

Question 4. Kassadin possesses one half of a magical gauntlet; who has the other halt?

Answer – Ezreal

Question 5. What does Kassadin want the most?

Answer – Destroy the void

Question 6. What does Kassadin’s name mean in Shuriman?

Answer – Whom does the desert know?

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